Cosimo Palazzo

Hello everyone! Thank you to visit my personal website. I am a professional Ph.D. Engineer and I like beign constantly updated on emerging technologies. Through my company, , I offer engineering consulting services for:
  • Complex Systems Risk Analysis, Risk Informed Decision-Making, Decision Support System design;
  • Design and Development of advanced Web-Based Platform and customized management software solutions;
  • Internet of Things (IoT & IIoT) hardware prototipation, systems and software development.
In the last few years I have been in contact with university working in some European Projects, mainly focused on Critical Infrastructures Protection. These activities have lead me to design a Dynamic Risk Analysis methodology and modelling technique for Highly Interdependent Complex Systems. One of my activities concerns developing advanced On-Line software and platforms which provide customized Decision Support Systems. Such tools are very flexible and can be applied not only in Critical Infrastructures contexts but also in many different fields like Building Management, Emergency Management, Organizational Business Continuity and so on.
Cosimo Palazzo.