Cosimo Palazzo


From Detecting Cyber-Attacks to Mitigating Risk Within a Hybrid Environment.

Year: 2018

Journal: IEEE Systems Journal

Smart Behavioural Filter for Industrial Internet of Things.

Year: 2017

Journal: Mobile Networks and Applications: 1-8


Best Student Paper Award.

Year: 2015

Conference: The International Emergency Management Society, Rome, Italy


ELSEVIER - Handbook of Energy Efficiency in Buildings.

Year: 2018

Chapter: Intelligent Management for Smart Buildings (In-Press)

Smart Environments.

Year: 2017

Chapter: Smart Buildings: Edifici Intelligenti per Migliorare l’Efficienza Energetica e il Comfort degli Utenti.


H2020 RESISTO, EU Project.

Year: 2018

Documents: Deliverable 2.4, 2.6, 3.5 and others Ongoing-Works

H2020 ATENA, EU Project.

Year: 2016-2018

Documents: Deliverable Ongoing-Works


Year: 2015

Documents: Deliverable 2.1, 2.2

FP7 CockpitCI, EU Project.

Year: 2014

Documents: Deliverable WP4000 – 3.1 CISIA Implementation


Year: 2014

Documents: Deliverable WP400 – Testbed Verification.


Evacuation Management Multi-Criteria Risk Assessment Based.

Year: 2018

Conference: ICBR 2018, Portugal, Lisbon

Critical Infrastructure Risk Assessment for Organization Business Continuity.

Year: 2018

Conference: IFIP 2018, Arlington, Virginia

Smart Environment Monitoring Testbed.

Year: 2018

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A Gateway-Centric IoT Framework for Open Hardware Platforms.

Year: 2017

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Decision Support System for Electrical Grid Operators using a Multi-Criteria Algorithm with CISIApro Hybrid Risk Evaluation.

Year: 2016

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Smart Behavioural Filter for SCADA Network.

Year: 2016

Conference: INISCOM 2016, Leicester, UK

Improved Multi-Criteria Distribution Network Reconfiguration with Information Fusion.

Year: 2016

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Gestione delle Emergenze tramite Modelli di Interdipendenza nel Proggetto URANIUM.

Year: 2016

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Improving Decision Support Systems with Interdependency Modelling in the URANIUM Project.

Year: 2016

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Managing Decisions for Smart Grid Using Interdependency Modeling.

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Emergecy Management with Interdependency Modeling in the URANIUM Project.

Year: 2015

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Assessing Risk of Cyber Threats Using the CISIA Pro Simulator.

Year: 2015

Conference: IFIP 2015, Arlington, Virginia